Road Test Your Pitch!

How do you know if your pitch is working?

Is it engaging?  Will it connect with the Decision Maker?


A successful pitch always puts its audience first.

How do you do that?  Easy: road test your pitch!  Do a dress rehearsal before you pitch your project in front of a Decision Maker.  In fact, take your pitch out on the road as often as you can.

Deliver your pitch to friends, family, colleagues…anyone who will listen.  Watch their reactions closely as your pitch unfolds.

Do they look captivated?  Bored?  Confused?  Ask them which parts of your pitch didn’t make sense to them.  Which parts were too long?  Too short?

You derive a double benefit from these informal rehearsals:

  1. You get valuable feedback to improve and hone your pitch;
  2. You get to practice your pitch, internalizing it and making it more natural.

Embrace the feedback!  Everyone may have a different opinion, but take note if the same concerns keep coming up.  Now is the time to modify your pitch; make it stronger, leaner, more impactful.

Don’t be afraid to Road Test Your Pitch to take it to the next level!

Kevin Wright

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