Cindy Hu / Filmmaker

“I wanted to thank you again for workshopping my elevator pitch for “Golden Metropolis” on Thursday.  Your session was the most informative and enlightening pitch workshop I have ever attended!”

Nikila Cole / Producer, Moving Visions Productions

“Just wanted to let you know that my pitches for Serpent Queen at MIPTV in Cannes went really well, thanks to you!  I wasn’t accepted into the big public pitch series but did a LOT of roundtables, one on ones, elevator pitches, etc.  Totally exhausting and exhilarating as expected.  The response was fantastic.  After my 3 min. pitch at one of the roundtables, everyone broke out into spontaneous applause and one guy said he wished he had recorded it.  I think you would’ve been proud.”

(Toronto Screenwriting Conference)

Simon Norton Game / Director, Pioneer Filmworks

“Thank you so much.  This (one-on-one pitch coaching) was nothing short of a transformative life event for me and my career.  I can’t tell you with words how much I appreciate you and this fantastic thing you do.”

Judith MacInnes / Producer, Okeedokee Inc.

“Don’t miss @TheOptimalPitch at #Banff40 #Banff2019.  Concrete, practical advice infused with industry intel and anecdotes useful for writers, showrunner, producers and directors alike.”

John Galway / President, The Harold Greenberg Fund

“Kevin’s years of experience developing and buying from both independent producers and the major studios gives him a unique perspective and is an invaluable ‘peak behind the curtain’.  His open and honest approach will provide content creators and producers with an incredible opportunity to gain insight into the marketplace.  After years of guiding TMN, Family Channel and sitting on the HGF board, Kevin’s wealth of knowledge can help take any project to the next level.”

Jordan Penny / Post-graduate student “Business of Film & TV” Centennial College

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come in, your lecture was very informative, especially for someone like me who’s about to enter the job market.  Negotiating is a scary concept for someone just starting out, but your lecture helped ‘humanize’ it for me.  Thanks for making it seems a little less scary!  I think myself and my classmates appreciated all the advice you had to offer, I know I’ll take it with me in the future.”

(Banff World Media Festival)

John Riley / former President, Astral Television Networks

“If you want to ensure your pitches succeed, there isn’t a better idea than to work with Kevin.  Beyond the wisdom gained from his decades of experience assessing pitches of every kind, Kevin has a remarkable talent for determining what works when it comes to all manner of screen-based content thanks to his keen instincts, superb analytical and judgment skills and in-depth understanding of the creative process.  With a gift for communicating information and concepts in an effective, engaging and witty manner, Kevin makes it easy and fun to learn from him, as I have working alongside him for more than 20 years.”

Doug Smith / VP & General Sales Manager, CBS Studios International

“If you need coaching to capture the essence of your pitch, look no further.  Kevin is an experienced and admired entertainment executive who understands every angle of the creative presentation process.  With 30 years of industry experience, he’s been on the receiving end of hundreds of presentations across all platforms and genres.  Kevin should be your first stop to hone your idea into a professional and winning presentation.”

Mickie Steinmann / SVP & Managing Director, Warner Brothers Television Canada

“Kevin is one of the pros. Few people in our industry have as thorough knowledge of content and how to get it as he. Rarely have I come across anyone who so well represents their company’s best interests as Kevin whether it be analyzing a project for acquisition and programming or negotiating to get the rights: he is the top of his league.”

Brigitte Sachese / Founder/Executive Producer, Bee Video Productions

“I have worked with Kevin a number of times and found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the topics of negotiation and pitching.  I would recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their presentation or sales skills.  While Kevin’s experience has been in film and television, I think his advice is easily transferable to almost any profession.”

(Audience for “Deliver the Optimal Pitch” Banff)

Jeannette Loakman / Program Coordinator, School of Communications, Media, Arts & Design, Centennial College

“I had Kevin in to talk to my post-graduate students in the Business of Film and TV.  He was amazing in talking about his experience in market-based producing.  Very much am looking forward to having him come on an annual basis!”

“A person can have the greatest idea in the world – completely different & novel – but if that person can’t convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter.”  (Gergory Berns)