The ability to communicate and connect is critical in securing support for an idea or project.

(Toronto Screenwriting Conference 2019)

What if there was a way to understand the Decision Maker’s process to build the best pitch possible?

The Optimal Pitch is unique in providing insights from the Decision Maker’s perspective.  Kevin provides practical tips & techniques on how to build and deliver a concise and persuasive pitch.

(Banff World Media Festival 2018)
  • What exactly goes into an effective pitch?
  • what are the components of a killer elevator pitch?
  • how do you make your pitch strong, polished & concise?
Courtesy Denise Oliver
(Women Drawn Together 2019)

One-on-One Coaching is also available if you have an important pitch that you need to crush.  Clients have successfully pitched Apple, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix & YouTube.

(Banff World Media Festival 2019)

Recent engagements:  Women in Film & Television – Toronto (2019), The Banff World Media Festival (2019 & 2018), The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (2019), Women Drawn Together (2019), Interactive Ontario IDM Fund Futures (2018).

(Women in Film & Television 2019)

“The fool tells me his reasons; the wise man persuades me with my own.”  (Aristotle)