Pitching: Top 10 Tips

You’ve finally got a meeting with a Decision Maker!  Congrats!  Now, make the most of your opportunity and deliver The Optimal Pitch by following these ten tips:

10 – KNOW YOUR TARGET – Who is your primary audience?

9 – DO YOUR RESEARCH – Know the Decision Maker’s needs and concerns.

8 – BE PREPARED – Know your content and anticipate questions.

7 – DON’T WASTE TIME – Hone and practice your pitch until it is concise and persuasive.

6 – LISTEN – To any feedback offered, register and adjust your pitch.

5 – BE FLEXIBLE – Be able to relay the key elements of your pitch in whatever time is available.

4 – DON’T ARGUE – It’s not a debate: acknowledge concerns, solve problems.

3 – BE COLLABORATIVE – Involve the Decision Maker, make it a true dialogue.

2 – BE BOLD – Take risks, be different, be original.


Good Luck!

Kevin Wright

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