Change Your Mindset!


Sometimes it feels like pitching is akin to begging.

It shouldn’t and here’s why: at the end of a successful pitch both parties should come away with something they want and need.

If that’s so, then why does it feel like there’s an imbalance of power favouring the Decision Maker?  Why do pitchers often feel like they’re pleading?

It’s all about mindset.

A traditional definition of a pitch is “a concise presentation of an idea intended to attract development financing or support.”

Note the use of the word “attract”, not ask, not demand.  But here’s a definition that better captures the essence of the process:

“Igniting interest and passion for an idea by connecting with another person through an emotionally engaging story.”


The goal of the pitch is not to change the mind of the Decision Maker or convince them to commit to the project.  The goal is to ignite interest and passion.

The mindset is no longer: “Me vs. You”, now it’s: “I think this is amazing and here’s why…”.

It’s positive and persuasive.

If you can spark passion in the Decision Maker they’ll start seeing solutions, not problems.  Once they’ve been captivated by your vision, they’ll move heaven and earth to make your project happen.

This definition also reveals how to connect with the Decision Maker: “through an emotionally engaging story”.  If you can tell a compelling story that engages the emotions of your audience, you’re on the road to success.

Change your mindset.  Remember: your project can help the Decision Maker achieve their goals.  That’s a win-win.

Share your passion for your project and good things will happen.

Kevin Wright

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